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The Your Stories Team received a viewer email asking about the newest section of the Loop the Lake trail that goes around Onondaga Lake.  The viewer wanted to know why it remains closed.

This portion of the trail is located off the southeast end of the lake, behind Destiny USA.

Bikers, walkers and runners are greeted with a gate and sign that reads, “TRAIL CLOSED FOR MAINTENANCE.”

This part of the trail opened last fall with a ribbon cutting and ceremony.

It closed shortly after so the county could complete final touches, including planting trees.

Per DEC guidelines, It remained closed from December 1 to April 1 to make sure the bald eagle population was not disturbed.

Murphy’s Island is a popular spot for eagles because the warm water from the nearby wastewater treatment plant does not freeze and there is plenty of fish for the eagles.

Why Does it remain closed?

The rough winter waves took their toll.

Justin Sayles, Communications Director with the Onondaga County Executive’s office, said the county anticipated some damage and erosion during the winter would happen in that area, but the damage was more severe than expected.

“Erosion and wave action washed away the top layer of stone dust and some of the base material below it.  Some of the larger stone was moved out of position by the wave action but not washed away,” Sayles wrote in an email.

The county is now working with an engineering firm to modify the design to prevent damage and erosion on this scale from happening again.

Sayles said the cost and where the funds will come from to make the upgrades are still to be determined.

Sayles said the goal is to have this portion of the trail open by Memorial Day but cautioned it wasn’t a guarantee.

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