PARISH, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Lori Horning does a lot of her shopping online, including orders from Amazon.

“More and more since COVID hit and some of the larger stores aren’t carrying a lot of things now,” Horning said.

She’s gotten to know the drivers who drop the packages off at her home in Parish.

“They know us pretty well,” Horning said. “They know the dogs well. They give them biscuits, it makes great friendships between them and the dogs.”

Her orders come from other carriers, FedEx and UPS, but she says since mid-September her Amazon orders haven’t been making it to her door.

“I’m probably at seven or eight. I’m more persistent. As soon as I get the refund, I order it again. Sometimes it comes, most of the time now it’s not,” Horning explained.

She said a number of people in Parish have shared on a community forum they’re also having problems. She’s frustrated.

“I just want the stuff. My son started a new job, he needed some things to start that job. Those things never came.”

Lori Horning, Amazon Customer

The Your Stories team contacted Amazon with these concerns. Amazon released this statement:

“We’re always evaluating how to provide the best service to our customers and apologize for any delays they may have experienced. If there is an issue with an order or delivery, we recommend contacting our Customer Service department to receive any updates or so that we can make it right.”

Rob Munoz, Amazon Public Relations Specialist

Horning said she hasn’t reached out personally.

“Many people already have and said you know it’s been 40 minutes that they’re on hold,” Horning said.

She’s concerned about what will happen with many people soon beginning their holiday shopping. She hopes the company will find a solution.