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TOWN OF SALINA, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — You’ll be happy to hear about this update to one of Your Stories we first looked into back in December.

A multi-million dollar project on Electronics Parkway is back on.

After a steel shortage put the brakes on the project, which included synchronizing nine traffic lights on Electronics Parkway, the new ones are here and crews have the green light to start installing them.

“We’re now moving over to new poles, you see that work going on now. We hope to have that done in the next few weeks if not sooner,” said Onondaga County DOT Commissioner, Marty Voss.

It’s part of a move to transition from an underground system to camera-activated signals above ground, which are less likely to be damaged by road work.

“There’s actually a 360-degree camera mounted over the intersection that you can see here on the white pole, that will feed signals to a computer that then reads whether it’s a passenger vehicle, an occupancy vehicle like a bus, or a truck,” said Voss.

The system helps navigate a traffic pattern so the county can sync the lights.

When our crew tested out the drive back in December, before the cameras were here, we couldn’t make it through two traffic lights at a time.

After our story aired on NewsChannel 9, as a workaround, they put those new signals on the old poles.

They’re moving them to the new poles now, so it was a different story when we made the drive this week. We made it through five traffic lights.

With the new technology, your commute should keep getting better as the cameras learn the exact peak hours of the road. “Probably by summer you’ll notice it’s quicker to get through here,” said Voss.

Subcontractors are now working to synchronize traffic lights at nine intersections between Old Liverpool Road and West Taft Road.

The total cost of the entire Electronics Parkway Project was $4.28 million awarded to Barrett Paving Materials.

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