Products from IMS Direct in Salina found nationwide in mailboxes: Made in Central New York

Made in CNY

SALINA, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — A Salina company is quietly sending valuable documents to people’s mailboxes all over the country.

“People don’t know, but we service nine of the top 10 financial institutions in the country either directly or indirectly, and also numerous local and regional businesses as well,” said John Mashia, President and COO of IMS Direct.

“I think as you walk through the facility, you see we’ve invested a lot in new technology and that’s so we can keep up with the competition and make sure we’re offering our clients all the tools they need to communicate with their customers,” said Mark Vanderpool, Director of Business Development at IMS.

Giant machines fill several rooms at the plant. One of the machines can crank out up to two million images a day. That’s a far cry from the business Lee Vanderpool started in 1986.

Vanderpool said, “We didn’t have any machines, we did everything manual.  It was basically pitching mail into cardboard boxes.”

With the operation now stretching thousands of square feet, it’s almost hard to imagine the one room shop IMS started in over 30 years ago to help companies get their mail to customers, saving them and the Post Office labor and costs.

“I’d come in the morning and I’d sell the services and then I’d go in the afternoon and pick up the mail, come back and process the mail and take it to the post office, along with a couple employees,” Vanderpool recalls.

IMS is about helping their customers communicate with their own customers every day across the U.S. and Canada.

“We compete against a lot of publicly traded companies and they have a lot more resources and personnel than we do, so I think we have to be mindful of where we’re expending our resources and making sure we’re serving our customers as best we can,” said Vanderpool.

“It’s a constant investment in technology,” Mashia said. “We try to separate ourselves by our technology investments and investing in top tier products, software products and services.”

And while mail and print are still a big part of the business, more and more of their customers want them to add services in the digital world and IMS is jumping right in.

“They may now want us to contact their customers to remind them about upcoming appointments, conduct surveys, electronically via E or SMS text messaging,” Vanderpool said.

Not only does the company keep growing with the latest technology, they’re also physically growing, about to break ground on their latest expansion any day now.

Mashia said, “That is to allow us better workflow for our environment here, but also the ability to continue to grow.”

“A bunch of guys that are working hard to create opportunities for local people,” Vanderpool said.
Including heavy preference to local veterans looking for work.

“We have a business here where we all grew up together. I’ve been here 18 years, other people been here for 20, 25 years,” Mashia said.

“This is our community,” Vanderpool said. “We’re not going anywhere.” 

IMS Direct employs 210 people across the country and just over 100 at the Salina Headquarters.


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