Syracuse startup M3 Innovation does stadium lighting and a lot more with its fixtures

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SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — One of Syracuse’s newest startups, M3 Innovation, has plans to use sports stadium lighting to do so much more than that.

The new company is co-founded by Joe Casper. Casper started Ephesus in the Syracuse Tech Garden about a decade ago, before growing it into a national leader in sports lighting and finding a new home in Downtown Syracuse.

With M3 Innovation Casper is looking to build on what he started at Ephesus.

“It’s not just built for sports lighting, it’s built for the field where we can go into the future,” Casper tells NewsChannel 9.

For instance, Casper says his new LED lights can also be used to disinfect stadiums simply by tuning their spectrum and wavelengths.

Co-Founder Chris Nolan explains, “So alternative to having the manpower to go clean with chemicals, we can actually tune the spectrum of our light, so we use very specific chips and specific wavelengths and we can tune those and mix and match. So, we can actually use ultraviolet light emitted from our fixture to kill viruses, bacteria, germs at the surface. We can actually blend and tune those lights to actually kill specific viruses, like COVID, we can kill COVID in less than seven minutes.”

And Nolan says they can steer their lights to very specific sections of the stadium.

“If there’s a huge crowd sitting in one area when that crowd leaves we can focus our light and sterilize that section,” he tells NewsChannel 9.

Casper adds, “It allows us to focus around keeping players safe, keeping fans safe, looking at player performance.”

A customer can start with the lights and then with small modules added to them include other features. They say it pulls together a lot of separate technology that has already been proven in the industry all into one place.

Nolan says, “If I just take this gateway and connect it to one of my lighting systems then I have communication to my wristband.”

Wristbands that can be worn by fans. “And if they get within six feet we can set off an alarm, it’ll vibrate, it’ll indicate with a flash of light, but it will also push all of that data to our cloud, our internet storage system so you always have access to who that person got close to, who they stayed far away from,” Nolan explains.

Those wristbands can also be worn by players to track their fatigue levels.

They say with a simple snap and click a customer can have a video camera attached to the fixtures and instantly have recording services at the field.

Casper tells NewsChannel 9, “Being able to innovate right here in Syracuse has been a dream of mine beginning of Ephesus, and having the capability to do it and all the resources right here surrounding us.”

The company has developed prototypes and done testing at the main field at Baker High School in Baldwinsville, Casper’s hometown.

They have five engineers working for the company and filed nine patents for their inventions.

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