Mayor Stephanie Miner, a Democrat, and State Senator John DeFrancisco, a Republican, shared a stage on Monday in Albany to show that politicians from different parties can get along.

While they disagree on many topics, Miner and DeFrancisco agree on even more, including how Andrew Cuomo is doing as Governor.

Both say he’s offered failed policies without success. Miner specifically called out failures in improvements to infrastructure, education and economic development.

Both Miner and DeFrancisco are considering going after the job themselves. Miner would have to challenge Cuomo to a Democratic primary. DeFrancisco would run as the Republican in the general election.

For DeFrancisco, he’s touring the stage to gauge support from fellow Republicans. He’s says he’ll make a final decision by the end of the year or in January.

Miner Miner is focusing on her final days as Mayor before having serious conversions about running with her family. Miner is also considering a candidacy for Congress, also attacking Congressman John Katko support of the tax plan in recent weeks.

Governor Andrew Cuomo has not commented on his possible opponents’ comments.