DEWITT, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Two weeks after visiting Syracuse to unveil Micron’s plans to build a computer chip campus in the Town of Clay, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer was back in Central New York with an idea to protect America’s related supply chain.

Schumer, partnering with Republican Senator John Cornyn, plans to add a provision to the National Defense Authorization Act limiting the federal government’s import of Chinese-made chips.

Schumer said: “Because (the Chinese Government) control all their companies, they… would use… the chip materials to gain intelligence about what was happening here. Second, they would simply undercut us and in ways that really should be stopped by the World Trade Organization but never are.”

Schumer says his passion has always been local jobs but now it’s focused on high-tech.

Still celebrating the Micron announcement, Schumer said: “The US is coming back and there are going to be regions of this country that benefit, not just Silicon Valley or New York City or Austin, Texas from all this new technology. That made people all over the country, in areas like Central New York, medium-sized cities, more rural areas, saying ‘Wow! This happening everywhere!’ The reaction was electric.”