BOISE, I.D. (WSYR-TV) — While most Central New Yorkers have been learning about Micron in the last six months since its expansion with a mega campus, in the Town of Clay, Bryan Morris said he already loves the company.

He works there, after moving to Boise, Idaho less than five years ago.

When Morris joined the Air Force after graduating from Red Creek High School in Wayne County, he was stationed at Mountain Home Air Force Base. While living in Boise, just 45 minutes north, he met his wife.

The couple moved to Bryan’s hometown while he earned degrees from Onondaga Community College and Syracuse University, with a specialty in mechanical engineering.

After graduation, “We kind of struggled to find something that really fit where I wanted to be in my career,” said Bryan.

So it was back to Boise. Morris already knew he wanted to work for Micron.

Nearly five years later, he says he was “stunned” when he learned his hometown was his company’s next expansion.

Because of his local ties, Morris was invited to Micron’s grand introduction event at OCC with President Biden.

He recalled: “Just a few years before that, I was in gym shorts, then shaking President Biden’s hand in the same location.” 

“Even though I had very little to do with the actual site selection and everything else that went in to that, I still felt part of bringing this enormous gift-wrapped basket of hope back to my own community,” Bryan said. 

Bryan’s asked routinely if he plans to follow Micron home.

He responds: “I guess the best answer I can give is I’ll be where the intersection of what’s best for my family and good for Micron meet.”

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