SCHROEPPEL, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Months before Micron committed to Northern Onondaga County, a property in Southern Oswego County was being expanded for development.

Operation Oswego County bought almost 200 acres near the intersection of Route 264 and Route 481 in Schroeppel to more than double the size of the Oswego County Industrial Park.

The group was promised something would come.

“We didn’t know the name,” said Operation Oswego County Deputy Director Austin Wheelock. He continued: “and we didn’t know the massive size and scope. $100 billion is beyond what we thought it would be.”

He position the southern portion of Oswego County to be ripe for the 50,000 jobs promised as a result of Micron’s investment in the Town of Clay.

Wheelock says his team has gotten phone calls with interest from firms, companies and prospects at a new level.

The term “industrial park” is more than just a title. It’s a collection of property designed to have access to water and power, with land prepared and zoned ready for immediate construction.

Between the industry and housing developments that result from Micron, Wheelock is expecting Oswego County’s first overall population growth in decades.

He said: “It’s going to be attracting talent specific to this industry and that’s going to have to happen for us to grow.”

When asked for a specific number of project population growth, Wheelock said he didn’t want to speculate. When given a possible number, he said: “We’re about 120,000 now, so 20,000 over 20 years is probably a safe bet.”