TOWN OF CLAY, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Onondaga County Executive Ryan McMahon is hosting a “town hall” meeting Monday evening to talk about Micron’s $100 billion computer chip campus in the Town of Clay.

The meeting will be held at Clay Town Hall, just up Route 31 from the future Micron site.

Micron corporate executives are expected to be included.

Ryan McMahon says he wants to focus on the economic development and workforce opportunities for people living around the project, but is willing to take questions about the environmental and traffic impacts to people living closest to the site.

McMahon says he has “good answers” to people’s question. He tells NewsChannel 9: “The traffic issues in Cicero and Clay don’t get solved quickly without Micron coming to town. Micron coming to town will force us through environmental review and our partners in the state, because the state owns those two roads that need upgrades, to spend money and spend money quickly.”

The meeting beings at 6pm.