TOWN OF CLAY, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) – The announcement of world-leading computer chip manufacturing company, Micron Technology, building its promised mega chip campus at White Pine Commerce Park in the Town of Clay is the largest semiconductor plant announced in United States history.

The $100 billion investment to transform the deserted land into a high-tech campus will take place over 20 years. It’s the most expensive long-term investment for Micron in the company’s existence.

Inside what will be Micron’s mega computer chip fab at Onondaga County’s White Pine Commerce Park will include tons of technology equipment to manufacture the memory chips, funded heavily by capital investments.

The 7.2 million square foot facility will also have four clean rooms. Each one is 600,000 square feet, equivalent in size to 40 football fields.

Micron’s CEO Sanjay Mehrotra told NewsChannel 9 that White Pine Commerce Park was attractive to the company because of its access to reliable electricity and clean water.

That sets us up for not just building one clean room, but to be able to build four clean rooms over the course of next several years. We can do so with availability of water and clean, reliable power, which were important considerations.


Mehrotra said his company’s chip manufacturing campus will be the center of all future innovations in the electronic and technology industry.

“In these fabs, we will be producing most advanced memory chips in the world. There is no computer without memory and that’s what will be made here. That’s what will be powering everything to do with our personal lives, our homes, our factories. It will be unleashing new opportunities for businesses through the chips.”


The memory computer chips that will be manufactured by Micron in Central New York could be sold to the U.S. military for defense applications, other major companies, and fabrications around the globe that need data storage, but the extremely small chips help power items we use every day, like our cell phones and cars.

“Everything today is about data and driving insights from data, whether it is for vaccine research or advancements in medical and healthcare, or every aspect of our day-to-day life…how we work, how we live, how we play. All of that happens through the kind of chips that will all be made here.”


Preparation of the site is expected to begin in 2023, according to Micron and the Onondaga County Executive. The goal is for construction to start in 2024.

A project of this massive scale requires the support of a highly-skilled workforce. Micron, New York State, and Onondaga County will effort recruiting nearly 50,000 employees locally, nationally, and globally over the next two decades. The first step is the $500 million dedicated to workforce development by Micron and New York State.

To help with roadwork and other infrastructure issues, New York State is investing an additional $200 million for improvements around the rural campus in the Town of Clay.

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