OSWEGO, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — A trial date has been scheduled for one of the two parents charged with murder after their son was found neglected to death.

Anthony Waldron, the stepfather of Jordan Brooks, appeared in Oswego County Court on Thursday afternoon.

The judge scheduled a trial for April of 2023. Before the day comes Waldron’s attorney wants to settle his concerns over photos that will be used as evidence.

Waldron said in court that while his wife may have consented to police taking photographs of the boy’s wheelchair, he did not give them permission. That wheelchair was found urine-soaked and covered in mold.

His defense attorney, Salvatore Lanza, told NewsChannel 9, “I want to see whether or not there was a valid consent signed, in writing, or did the police simply walk in the door. I have a problem with that.”

“My client is very adamant that he wants to go to trial. He did nothing wrong whatsoever. They did what they could. My client did what he could for the young boy,” said Lanza.

When asked what his client blames for the boy’s death, Lanza said, “I don’t want to get into that at this point. That’s going to come out at trial.”

When Waldron is back in court in January and in April for his trial, he will be sitting before a different judge.

Melinda McGunnigle, elected Onondaga County Court Judge last month, will be assigned to Oswego County cases for six months as an administrative strategy to not preside over cases she prosecuted in her current job as Assistant District Attorney in Onondaga County.

McGunnigle will take over the cases of Oswego County Judge Armen Nazarian, including the Waldron’s.

Anthony Waldron’s trial will be separate from his wife’s, who is the boy’s biological mother.

Lisa Waldron’s court date Thursday was postponed to January. Outside of court, Waldron said he had “no comment.”