CHESTER TOWNSHIP, Ohio (WJW) – An Ohio high schooler is being given an award for helping thwart a possible school shooting at West Geauga High School last week.

According to investigators, a 17-year-old senior Casey Orloski found a bullet in the bathroom on the morning of April 3. Orloski told the school’s resource officer, which led to the arrest 18-year-old Brandon Morrissette.

Investigators say Morrissette was found with an unloaded 9-millimeter handgun and three loaded magazines in his backpack, as well as a knife attached to his pants.

Nexstar’s WJW learned the suspect had allegedly developed a plan to shoot multiple students at the high school.

The Uvalde Foundation For Kids, a nonprofit aiming to end school violence after the mass shooting at Robb Elementary School in Texas last year, announced it is presenting Orloski with its National Student Hero Award.

He will be recognized alongside others, including Nashville police officers who responded to the recent Covenant School shooting and a Virginia school teacher who helped lead students to safety after being shot.

“Everyone got a chance to walk out those doors on Monday. I just am grateful that everyone can go enjoy their lives and do what they want to do after high school,” said Casey.

Orloski’s mother April said she raised her son to always speak up.

“You have a duty… like you have responsibilities to report, this is huge,” she said.

Morrissette is charged with attempted aggravated murder, illegal possession of a deadly weapon in a school zone and a misdemeanor count of inducing panic. Investigators said last week he’s being held at a secure mental health facility.