NEW YORK STATE (WSYR-TV) — Wednesday is usually the busiest travel day all year and whether it’s a plane, train or car, there’s a lot more you need to know if you still plan on traveling this Thanksgiving. 

The CDC encourages you to stay home, but transportation officials are making safety moves for those who are packing a bag. 

As far as flying, masks are always required by all airlines. At Hancock International Airport in Syracuse, disinfecting UVC lights and HVAC air systems have been installed. When you’re going to board a plane, you must bring and fill out your New York State traveler health form. Visitors from most states must prove they’ve tested negative within three days of arriving in New York. Then, they must quarantine for three days before taking another test on the fourth day. If that test is also negative, the traveler is then released from quarantine.

As far as driving, make sure you know all of the testing requirements of your destination and plan accordingly. Only share a car with those you live with, and limit stops along the way.

If you’re taking a train, Amtrak also requires a mask, unless you’re eating or drinking. When you board, they have social distancing systems in place there, too. 

“So not every seat is available, so when a train is sold out, it is sold out to that capacity that we are limiting, not to 100 percent of seats,” said Jason Abrams, Public Relations Manager for Amtrak.

And as a final reminder, wherever you’re headed, be mindful of the 10 person limit for any gathering in New York State.