MANHATTAN, N.Y. (WPIX) — A man in dress shoes and a suit was seen jumping across a high-rise building’s rooftop Monday morning in Lower Manhattan, leaving witnesses in shock.

Erik Ljung, a cinematographer, told Nexstar’s WPIX he was just checking the light out of his window when he caught the wild scene on video.

“At first, I thought it was just some parkour kid, but the telltale signs weren’t there,” Ljung said. “He wasn’t taking selfies, no one was videotaping him and he was wearing dress shoes and a suit.”

The man’s identity and what he was doing on the roof weren’t immediately known. Commenters on Ljung’s Instagram video had some theories, though.

“Just another confused DoorDash guy,” one remarked. “Testing out their new add-on service, Windowdash.”

“Maybe he got locked out on the rooftop not knowing it would lock behind him[?]” another offered.

Ljung, however, had definitely never seen anything like it.

“Been getting a lot of questions … I have no idea what dude was doing,” he wrote on Instagram.