GEDDES, N.Y. (WSYR-TV)– Fairgoers had the chance to witness a special show from the sky Wednesday night as five female professional skydivers descended from 5,000 feet up above onto Chevy Park at the New York State Fair. 

The Highlight Pro Skydiving Team is made up of 13 brave and bold women from all across the world and this was their second year jumping into the NYS Fair, this time on Women’s Day.

“That was amazing, last year we jumped in the middle of the day but now the lights of the fair started lighting up we could see everyone swinging in there having fun we’re having fun it was absolutely stunning.”

Melissa Nelson Lowe, Highlight Pro Skydiving Team Member

But it’s not just about having fun for these women, the inspiration for the Highlight Pro Skydiving Team came during the centennial celebration of the Women’s Suffrage Movement.

“It all comes from the movement of women trying to make positive change for other women in the world and we’re just hoping to carry on that message,” Co-Captian Amy Chmelecki said.

Nelson Lowe, a third-generation skydiver says the team carries on that message both figuratively and literally as they support one another on the ground and in the air. 

“We are so excited because we are fan girls of each other, we’re all professional in different aspects of the sport…all of us getting together for one common cause to inspire women and girls to live brave, bold lives,” she said. 

And whether that’s through skydiving or something else, Chmelecki hopes her team’s actions can encourage other girls and women to accomplish anything they set their minds to.