GEDDES, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Families who bring motor homes to the New York State Fair say they’re not just there for the Fair, they go to also spend time with their loved ones.

Josh Nicol has been coming from Lowville every year since 1993 because his horses compete at the State Fair. “We’ve often borrowed or rented in years past, but this year we just bought this RV because we like to travel,” said Nicol. “It worked out really good to bring it here and it’s another excuse to use it and it’s just a nice way to get away from the Fair.” He will be at the Fair for several days, and he says it’s a good way for him and his family to enjoy their break in between shows.

Alfred Rovenolt is the ringmaster for the Draft Horse. He’s been going to the Fair since 1986. He travels all over the country doing shows and he wants his best friends there with him, so the RV is perfect. “It makes it handy when you have dogs, you can take them with you instead of putting them in a kennel.”

Sometimes Rovenolt has more than one show a day, so it’s easier to be right at the Fairgrounds. “It just makes it more convenient instead of driving back and forth to hotels and of course the extra cost of gas and food.”

Nicol loves showing his horses, but he wants his family there with him. “It’s just wonderful, and you know I’ve got two older boys that are going to be coming down later tomorrow and they’re going to stay, so it works really well and it’s a good family thing.”

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