GEDDES N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Beekeepers across New York are at the Fair giving people a taste of what it’s like to make honey! 

It’s an industry that keeps the state pollinating as long as the weather plays in their favor.

Ray Lowe has had a sweet job for 10 years as the owner and operator of Hiwire Honeybees in LaFayette.

“Honey is one of the major crops that come in here in New York State,” says Lowe. “The pollination is a service all on its own and it’s almost a separate business from the honey production, so pollinating, a lot of beekeepers will be out pollinating apple crops blueberries, cranberries.”

Lowe says he had a record production year but the hot, dry weather this summer hasn’t helped. 

“Myself in the LaFayette area, we’ve watched our storms go out and around us all summer long and we were very hot and dry where I am which reduces the amount of nectar in the flowers so there’s nothing there for the bees to bring in,” Lowe said.

Honey isn’t just for people though, the bees depend on it to live too and with production down, he’s concerned.

“Right now we’re feeding them like crazy the honey that they’re bringing in and they’re going to continue that until new years, so last year we had a few hives, a lot of hives that were empty of their winter food by New Year’s so we have to supplement them with sugar just to get them through the winter,” Lowe continued.

Lowe says honey production will happen for a few more weeks and he encourages everyone to buy local honey because it helps treat allergies, it has antioxidants, and plenty of other health benefits.