NYS FAIRGROUNDS (WSYR-TV) — Day one of The Great New York State Fair kicked off today, August 23. This means 13 days full of excitement with a full belly as more than 100 food and drink vendors are scattered throughout the Fairgrounds.

But fairgoers should be prepared to dig deeper into their pockets as inflation has also affected business for food vendors.

“This year we did have to raise things up a little bit,” said Dan Bosco, co-owner of Bosco’s, a longtime food stand at the fair. “Some things went up 25 cents or 50 cents, not much.”

Inflation is impacting not only prices but vendor’s supply chain for certain items, like prime rib, which is one of the most popular items on Bosco’s menu.

“Our prime rib was really tough to get in. We finally got a handle on it about three weeks ago,” Bosco said.

Right across from Bosco’s on the Fairgrounds is P-Z-O’s, another Syracuse staple feeling the impact of inflation.

“Everything we buy has gone up. All the foods, beer, soda, everything is up. Labor is way up, so that’s affected,” said David Pizio, owner of P-Z-O’s.

Prices on P-Z-O’s menu are up roughly 10-20% compared to last year.

“You know people are going to expect things to be a little bit higher. They are going to expect it to be a quarter or a 50 cents higher. It’s what happens out here,” Bosco said.