GEDDES, N.Y. (WSYR-TV)– You may have been coming to the NYS Fair for years and you may even remember getting your bag searched or wanded down at the front gates, but times have changed and so has security.

This year, fairgoers will see a new weapons detection system at each gate. The new technology is from Evolv Security and was installed on Monday. It’s not your typical metal detector but instead a faster way to get fairgoers through the gates without having to remove any personal items or go through them one by one. 

While the NYS Fairgrounds hasn’t released any additional information about this system yet, NYS Police Trooper Jack Keller said it’s a state-of-the-art technology never before seen at the fairgrounds and security doesn’t stop at the gates. 

“So they’re going to see what they normally see any year which is a large contingency of uniformed troopers and then what they don’t see which is undercover.”

Trooper Jack Keller, NYS Police

The amount of uniformed and non-uniformed troopers working at the NYS Fair on any given day is an undisclosed number, but those trained eyes and ears will be working around the clock to make sure your fun isn’t interrupted.

“We prepare all year round, we work with outside agencies, we work with the Department of Homeland Security, with State Fire, with a number of agencies, because we have to be prepared for anything,” Trooper Keller said.

With an increase in mass shootings, trainings include active shooter drills. Plus, security both on the grounds and behind the scenes will be monitoring counterintelligence, social media, and a whole host of cameras throughout the grounds. 

Typically, NYS Police receive calls for service, first aid, and lost persons while at the fair. Trooper Keller encourages everyone to use the lost kid tags that can be found at each gate for children and people with disabilities who may easily wander off.