SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Onondaga County Executive Ryan McMahon said the county is working with the state on guidance for large gatherings.

McMahon said the county shared concerns. He added the county has some mitigation ideas, although he would not get into specifics about them yet.

He described the current situation as a “Delta rollercoaster,” saying things can change and improve. If they stay the same, he said the county will work with the fair and ask them to implement the mitigation plans they are currently discussing.

McMahon said even though the fair is state run, the county does have the ability to step in, if it comes to that.

“Right now it’s the state fair, it’s their property, it’s their event,” McMahon said, “But if we believe that there’s an excelerated public health risk, certainly under our emergency orders, we can do something about that. But again, we’re having very good conversations with the state. There’s zero friction between us and the state on this.”

The County Executive said he knows the fair is important for the community and that it also causes some anxiety. He said the county will give more specifics so the public will have enough time to respond.

The fair begins next Friday, August 20 and will run for 18 days.

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