SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Labor Day may not have brought beautiful weather for the final day of the New York State Fair but that didn’t stop folks from coming out to enjoy it.

Even though the crowds were not as large as they were a few years ago before the pandemic, vendors like Kurt Aiken from Rickey’s Jerky were still able to find success.

“It’s picked up,” he said, “Things have started to recover, I think there is still a little bit of a scare of the pandemic around but other than that it’s been a good fair so far this year.”

Mark Braun, the owner of Doug’s Fish Fry, has been selling at the fair for over 20 years and even says it was his best fair ever.

“It’s been real positive,” Braun said, “I didn’t know what to expect two years removed from Covid but I’ve been real pleased almost every day our sales have been up.”

Even with the positive sales, both Braun and Aiken noticed something different from years past.

“‘This building where I usually am every day,” Braun said, “It seems like the traffic past isn’t what it was in years past.”

Aiken agreed, saying, “Just a little bit of traffic flow issues but I think they are trying to work things out to get the traffic flow back to where people are going throughout the whole fair.”