A New Zealand man’s efforts to find love on Valentine’s Day has gone viral.

Peter Wilding decided to rent himself this Valentine’s Day in order to find a date. He offers five packages starting at $15 for a “friendly hangout” to prices up to $150 for dinner and an overnight camping trip.

“It’s gone ballistic,” said Wilding of his adventurous idea that he shared via a Facebook post. The overwhelming response was unexpected by the Kiwi. He has received more requests than he could keep track of, he added.

He said the biggest problem he’s faced is that Valentine’s Day is on a Thursday and most of his perspective dates are working. His solution: to push the dates to the weekend.

As for why he decided to go this route, Wilding said sometimes you just have to say why not.

“Life is way too short to do the normal stuff,” he said. “I want to do things that are a little bit crazy.”

He has a date for the night that he reckons is going to be a great one!