SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — The new management of the New York State Fair thinks this year’s event was a “huge success,” the interim fair director said in an interview on NewsChannel 9’s Newsmakers.

No records were broken in terms of attendance on any of the 13 days or the grand total, but all along, the state said its focus was shifted to “quality, not quantity.”

Interim Fair Director Sean Hennessey said, “We talk about the Nelly concert and some of the other record numbers we had. It was the highest grossing midway than we’ve ever had at the State Fair. People are showing up. They may be a bit short in terms of the record numbers we’ve seen in the past, but they are coming to the Fairgrounds and they are spending money. People are spending those $20, $30, $40 at the Fair they may not have spent in the past.”

Hennessey promises some improvements to the event, which he says are always expected when planners assess what went well and what didn’t.

Specifically, he’d like to address pooling water on the West End of the Fairgrounds and making sure people with disabilities have full access to the event.

“There’s areas of the Fair that I don’t feel fits the bill when it comes to our patrons that have some physical challenges,” Hennessey said. “Those are areas I’ll be addressing in the coming year.”

The coming year will also have some construction.

Work will begin on the Fairgrounds’ new greenhouse, goat pavilion, sheep barn, and restaurant row enhancements.