ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The topic of ‘fusion voting’ has come up as the Public Finance Reform Commission holds hearings across New York State.

When it comes to fusion voting, third party members have different views.

“As a Green Party member, I know that a lot of the other third parties are for maintaining fusion voting,” Deyva Arthur, a Green Party Member, said.

She says for her party, “Fusion voting has been like a vampire for the Green Party, sucking our life force because we have had to defend the Green Party line.”

Fusion voting allows for the same candidate to be listed on multiple party lines.

“I am a registered Republican, I ran on the Republican line, but I was also endorsed by the Conservative and the Independence Party. And their party rules allow you to run on those ballots,” Assemblymember Chris Tague said.

Assemblymember Tague believes fusion voting should continue.

“I think that if you fit the qualifications, or if you believe in what that party believes in, people should be able to be a part of what they believe in. So to me, that’s the American way.”

Arthur disagrees.

“The Green Party has had to spend our very meager resources and energy fighting to maintain our line and keep the Democrats and Republicans from stealing it.”

But, as NYPIRG’s Executive Director Blair Horner notes, the commission doesn’t have to do anything about fusion voting.

“They shouldn’t be distracted by anything other than what they’re supposed to do and what they’re supposed to do is create a system of public financing in New York,” Horner said.

There will be hearings in Suffolk County and Buffalo next month.

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