SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Watertown’s water main break might have some of you wondering about the likelihood of one happening here.

NewsChannel 9’s Ashley Cafaro checked in with Onondaga County Central New York Water Authority and the city of Syracuse to learn more.

Onondaga County’s Water Authority is no stranger to water main breaks.

“We do have water main breaks each week, since we do have over two thousand miles of water main that we’re maintaining,” said Geoff Miller, executive director of operations at OCWA.

About one water main break happens a day in the five counties OCWA serves, including Onondaga, Madison, Cayuga, Oneida and Oswego. But they’re usually resolved within a few hours or less.

“Most of the water main breaks that we have are on the distribution means in the neighborhoods. So six inch cast iron water mains, 8 inch cast iron water mains,” said Miller.

Much smaller compared to what happened in Watertown last week. However, OCWA says it doesn’t matter the size, it’s still prepared, with 63 water tanks stored as backup throughout the area.

“We have repair materials here at our main facility and then also at some of our storage facilities we store repair materials for all of our water mains that we have,” said Miller.

OCWA says most of its water main breaks happen in the winter, and the same goes for the city of Syracuse. Syracuse’s Commissioner of Water, Joe Awald says on average 300 water main breaks happen a year, with many occurring in the winter.

“We can experience one to maybe two or even three water main breaks in a day,” said Awald.

Just like OCWA, they’re resolved quickly.

“We have two main reservoirs that are fed from Skaneateles Lake and if we have issues at one reservoir versus the other we can always switch to supply the city,” said Awald.

24 hour crews and backup are also on standby to prevent any bigger issues happening down the road.