Camillus Police are crediting quick work from two off duty police officers and two retired police officers for using CPR to save a man suffering from a medical emergency at Pine Grove Country Club.

According to police, the 58-year-old man was not breathing, and he was unconscious when the officers – two couples – administered CPR.

The off duty officers were Syracuse Police officer Lindsay McCormack and State Trooper Pat McCormack, and the retired officers were Syracuse Police officers John and Mary Ellen Gossin.

In addition to CPR, the officers used an AED to help save the man.

“Because of their compassion, care, and law enforcement training, they were able to save this man’s life. Today, we’re fortunate to not only to be able to commend these law enforcement officers for a job well done, but also to celebrate a life as well,” Camillus Police Chief Thomas Winn said.

While the officers were caring for the man, an ambulance arrived to take him to a local hospital.