An off-duty New York State Trooper is being praised for helping to save a 12-year-old boy who suffered a heart attack in the pool at the Northwest Family YMCA on Thursday.

According to State Police, Trooper Shaun Smith – a tri-athlete – was swimming at the YMCA when he saw two young boys swimming in one of the lanes.

When Smith began his next lap, he saw one of the boys under water, toward the bottom of the pool.

As the other boy brought his friend to the surface, Smith jumped in and pulled the boy to the side of the pool.

“I take (him) by the arms and I pull him up on the deck and I see that he is blue. He’s blue. His ears are blue. So, I immediately just started doing CPR on him,” the trooper explained.

As he called for help, Smith suddenly was surrounded by an emergency dream team.

“Stuff just starts falling out of the sky. I mean I’ve got AED’s coming at me. I’ve got towels coming in and then these two moms come in. These moms, I mean….they were the best.”

The two women happened to be  a registered nurse and  a respiratory therapist – who jumped in to help Smith perform CPR.

State Police say the boy began breathing with difficulty once firefighters and emergency crews arrived.

“It was just like this dynamic trio. We’re just working on him, doing everything, the one girl is listening to the AED,” he recalls. “Just like training…like we’ve worked together for years.”

Smith is a K9 specialist who had been assisting with a drug bust in Whitestown earlier in the day. 

He’s proud of his work. But on Thursday, what happened off-duty was special.

“This is saving a kid’s life…and on top of that it is saving a local kid who goes to school with my kid,” he said.

The boy was taken to Upstate University Hospital, where he is listed in stable condition.