Update 7:30 p.m. Tuesday 7-12-22: The fugitive of the week Robert Farnham turned himself in to Syracuse Police on the afternoon of 7-12-22.

(WSYR-TV) — The Syracuse Police Department is putting NewsChannel 9 viewers ‘On The Lookout’ for Robert Farnham, a sexually violent level three registered sex offender. He has five prior arrests, police share.

Thanks to viewer tips, Robert Farnham was previously arrested for the same crime one year ago — but he no longer works at the store he was arrested at, according to police.

Farnham is a 47-year-old white man with brown hair and blue eyes. He is around 6’1″ and weighs 160 lbs. His last known location was 122 Dickerson Street.

As a sexually violent level 3 sex offender, Farnham is required to register every 90 days and provide an annual sex offender photo. He also needs to notify police when he moves.

Farnham failed to notify police after he moved. He has also not registered in-person since February 2022 and has not provided an annual photo.

Anyone with information to Farnham’s location is asked to contact the Syracuse Police Department at (315) 442-5230.