SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Syracuse Police Department is putting NewsChannel 9 viewers ‘On the Lookout’ for 50-year-old Christopher Reynolds.

Reynolds has black hair and brown eyes, is 5’10”, weighs 220 pounds, and has 19 prior local arrests, police say.

He has three active warrants in relation to domestic-related assaults.

Those include when he hit a victim with a beer bottle in the eye, repeatedly punched a victim in the eye, and then got on top of a victim while she was in bed and punched her in the head, and choked her.

He was then charged with the following from those separate instances:

  • Assault in the second degree, Criminal Possession of a Weapon in the fourth degree
  • Assault in the third degree
  • Criminal Obstruction of Breath, Harassment in the second degree

If anyone knows the whereabouts of Reynolds, please call Syracuse Police at 315-442-5230.