3 p.m. Monday December 12, 2022 – Shortly after our post, Syracuse Police got a tip that led them to Gary Wood Jr.’s location. Another fugitive is in custody.

SYRACUSE, N.Y (WSYR-TV) — The Syracuse Police Department is putting NewsChannel 9 viewers ‘On the Lookout’ for 42-year-old, Gary Wood Jr.

Wood, whose last known address is on 216 Mary Street in Syracuse, has an active arrest warrant for not notifying the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services Sex Offender Registry within 10 days of any change of address, providing a photograph every 3 years, and completing an annual verification form.

Wood has 41 prior local arrests and is a Level 1 sex offender as of June 10, 2004, and is required to maintain his registration for a minimum of 20 years.

Without making any notifications, he moved out of his last registered residence, 216 Mary Street, sometime prior to June 30. Wood also failed to complete his annual verification form and provide his 3-year photograph.

Wood has active warrants for the following:

  • Sex Offender failed to register address change
  • Sex Offender failed to complete annual verification
  • Sex Offender failed to provide 3-year photograph.

Wood is 5’9″, weighs 140 pounds, and has brown hair and blue eyes.

If anyone knows the whereabouts of Wood, contact the Syracuse Police Department at (315)442-5222.