Central New York’s 9 Most Wanted: Cora Clavel


Investigators are looking for a woman accused of entering into a fraudulent rent-to-own contract with her husband, allegedly stealing $3,000 from a couple. 

According to deputies, 48-year-old Cora Clavel and her husband, Mauricio, entered into a fraudulent rent-to-own contract in 2017 for a house they did not legally own, stealing a thousands of dollars in a down-payment and the first month’s rent from a couple. 

The Clavels reportedly ran a not-for-profit called “Clavel Community Christian Path/CCCP, Inc.” which owned the house prior to it being sold to an acquisition company.

Cora Clavel is also wanted for child neglect by Onondaga County Family Court.  

Their 10 year old daughter, Iquelinda Clavel, had previously been removed from their residence by the court and placed with an Aunt.  

When the couple fled Syracuse in 2017, they took her with them in violation of the court order. 

The Clavels have traditionally homeschooled all their children, so the child is not presently enrolled in any academic institution and her whereabouts remain unknown.  

The Clavels were both featured on The Top 9 last year.  

Mauricio Clavel turned himself in to the Sheriff’s Office in March of last year, claiming that he split from his wife and did not know her or their daughter’s whereabouts.  

Mrs. Clavel remains on the run and Iquelinda is still missing.

Clavel is wanted for second-degree forgery and fourth-degree grand larceny, on top of a family court warrant. 

She has an alias of Cora Butler and has ties to the Niagara Falls area.  

Clavel is 5’03” and weighs 220 lbs.  She has black hair and brown eyes.  She has a scar on her forehead.

If anyone has information on her whereabouts, contact the tip line at 315-435-3051.

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