SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Across New York, there are 52,940 positive flu cases, which is a 19% jump over the last week.

Onondaga County has the highest numbers outside of the downstate and New York City area. The latest numbers are for the week ending December 10 at 1,431 cases. It’s almost double the week before.

Statewide the flu sent 2,700 people to the hospital, that’s up 6% from the week before, and the State Health Department also reported the deaths of three children related to the flu last week.

Every single county in New York State is reporting flu cases, with state data, showing widespread activity for the 10 consecutive week.

Onondaga County Health Commissioner Dr. Katie Anderson shares some best practices to deal with all the illnesses out there right now.

“Wearing masks,” Dr. Anderson explained. “I think it’s time to reconsider wearing masks when you’re out in public. I’d even go as far to advise it. People may consider having family members rapid test for Covid before they get together, particularly if you’re getting together with older individuals who would be at particularly high risk from getting really sick.”

Dr. Anderson also said we should stay home when sick. She said it’s something Americans need to get better at doing.