SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — The need for more housing has never been greater, according to the Onondaga County Executive, Ryan McMahon and because of that, a new pilot program was announced to keep up with our growing community.

The Onondaga County Housing Initiative Program, known as O-CHIP, is essentially a $10,000,000 pot of funding for developers, both profit and not-for-profit, to help address a housing shortage.  

Developers awarded this money will need to have a project that will create at least five units. These can be single-family homes, two-family homes, townhouses, apartments, or high rises. The County Executive says he hopes developers propose a variety to meet the various housing needs in our community. 

So, how much funding can each developer receive?

There are two options: $5,000 per unit, or $250,000 maximum for up to a 50-unit project. A project that proves to have a positive regional impact is eligible for up to $750,000 dollars. 

This funding for the pilot program was approved in 2022, but the idea was established well before Micron announced its investment in Central New York. 

County Executive McMahon says this will not only help house the future workforce for Micron but fix an issue the county is facing now. 

“It’s an all-of-the-above housing strategy. We need more affordable housing. We need more mixed-income housing, mixed-use housing, senior housing, market rate and single-family housing because we are a growing community.” 

Ryan McMahon, (R) Onondaga County Executive

NewsChannel 9 asked the County Executive if there are any concerns with not having enough land and he says there is enough. Building and construction will just need to be done in a smart, tactical way. 

As for any progress on the road construction, water, and electric impacts Micron will have, McMahon says he hopes to have a formal update on those improvements by the fall.