UPDATE: On Wednesday, May 24, New York City Mayor Eric Adams “came to his senses and chose to obey a court order barring the relocation of his migrant crisis to Onondaga County,” according to Town of Salina Supervisor Nick Paro.

Paro told NewsChannel 9 that New York State Supreme Court Judge Robert Antonacci ruled on the two temporary restraining orders that banned the hotel from housing the migrants and stop’s New York City from relocating migrants to Onondaga County.

ONONDAGA COUNTY, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Onondaga County has filed a lawsuit against New York City Mayor Eric Adams, the NYC Commissioner of Social Services, and Candlewood Suites over the potential bussing of migrants from New York City to the Candlewood Suites in the Town of Salina. 

The lawsuit comes after Onondaga County Executive Ryan McMahon’s emergency order to ban New York City from using local shelters or hotels in Syracuse for migrants in mass.

According to Onondaga County Executive Communications Director Justin Sayles, the County also filed a temporary restraining order to prevent the immediate transport of migrants into Onondaga County. 

“The petition alleges that NYC acted and is acting in excess of legal authority and in violation of lawful procedure by seeking to exercise its own local emergency powers outside of its jurisdictional bounds and in contravention thereof and proceeding with plans to transport migrants/asylum seekers to Onondaga County in knowing violation of Emergency Order No. 1,” said Sayles.

On Sunday, Town of Salina Supervisor Nick Paro told Chris Ellis, NYC Mayor Adams’ State Legislative Affairs Director, that the County Executive’s Office would be filing a motion against the hotel for a restraining order, and Ellis responded just “ok.” “They ignored us and seemed to not care,” said Paro.

Paro confirmed on Tuesday, May 23, that the Town of Salina is suing the Candlewood Suites and is still seeking a restraining order.

According to Paro, the Town of Salina is “pursuing every legal remedy to protect the Town of Salina from becoming the center of Mayor Eric Adams self-inflicted migrant crisis.”

“It was shocking to learn that the hotel had been housing people, many of them who may have had personal struggles or already on public assistance, for long periods of time. If all of this is true, it seems they used predatory practices to entice vulnerable people to stay in their hotel and provided minimal standards of cleanliness and accommodations. Now that the ownership has been approached to house these migrants at a premium, they seem to be throwing these folks out of the hotel without any care for what ends up to them,” said Paro.

The lawsuit is attached below.