OSWEGO, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Every year the Oswego Speedway transforms from the “Steel Palace,” to the “Clay Palace.”

However, before the crew can welcome fans to the speedway for the 50th running of the NAPA Auto Parts Super DIRT week, quite the operation takes place.

Executive Director of Events Jeff Hachmann says the crew is undoubtedly prepared to ensure the event is a massive success.

“We do this every year for Super DIRT Week,” he said. “We store about 500 loads of clay off the backstretch here behind the grandstand all year long and we come in, we dig it up, we put it down, and then we put it back.”

It’s slightly more complicated than that as the crew uses special GPS technology to be able to measure how much clay they need in order to achieve the proper density.

“They GPS the track before they put the clay down and then they are going to GPS it when they put the clay down,” Hachmann said. “That kind of keeps the clay evenly distributed throughout the track and evenly distributed in the depth of the track.”

Once it is all packed and smoothed down, Hachmann says it should add up to about 8 inches of compacted clay evenly distributed wall to wall around the track.

“It’s usually about two days to get the initial clay down then it takes probably three or four days to start to groom it,” he said. “Then we start to test it and work with it, it’s kind of like a garden.”

For more information on Super DIRT week including scheduling and tickets visit their website.