SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — With flu and RSV cases rising across the country, the supply of over-the-counter cold and flu medication is shrinking, especially children’s medication.

Jim Hagg a pharmacist at Brewerton Pharmacy says it is a simple case of the medicine supply not being able to keep up with the demand. He says they are seeing higher cases of flu and RSV this year, than any year in the past decade.

The increased demand is making it difficult for mothers like Stephanie Kemp to get what she needs for her three children.

“They all do take the same medications because they’re so little, and whenever one gets sick, they all get sick,” she said. “Trying to find medications for them has been outrageously ridiculous and outrageously expensive.”

Kemp says she has often had to go to multiple stores just to find the right medication.

“I had to go to Dollar General just to get the chewable Tylenol because my daughter won’t take liquid,” she explained.

Hagg adds that pharmacies are checking with wholesalers multiple times throughout the day because they sell out of their supply immediately upon it becoming available. He also says if you are unable to find what you need to consult your child’s physician or a pharmacist before seeking an alternative.