SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Jessi Rivera is a makeup artist, but her favorite job is being a new mom. She proudly shows photos of Leo who is four and a half months old.

“He’s just the best,” Rivera said. “He’s so happy now.”

As a new mom, she didn’t realize how challenging it would be to find formula. She said Leo was colicky due to his formula.

“Watching him scream in pain because his belly was off from the other formulas he used. That’s was the hardest part,” Rivera said.

She’s not alone. We’ve heard from many others.

I’m driving everyday after work all over town to find what I can feed my child with.

Erin Nolan, Mother of 8-month-old

Nolan is also a new mom of an eight-month-old. She says these daily trips add to the stress.

Bailey Trimm had to change five-month-old Roenn’s formula because of the shortage and he had a bad reaction to it.

“He wasn’t eating it,” Trimm recalled. “He was throwing it up. That was the day my husband and I drove around for five hours and 45 minutes. We had to go all the way downstate to get a thing of formula for him.”

They’ve all turned to Facebook groups for support. Some pages are dedicated to finding formula. While Abbott resumed production after the recall in February it isn’t helping supply.

“I would really like to see the formulas regulated to where you’re getting a little bit of each every truck and the trucks are coming more often,” Trimm said.

Until there’s a resolution, they’ll continue doing what they can to keep their children fed.