BALDWINSVILLE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — The community honoring and remembering 14-year-old Ava Wood of Baldwinsville who was killed in apparent murder-suicide on Friday.

Friends, family and those who knew Ava Wood gathered together inside St. Mary’s Of The Assumption Church in Baldwinsville Sunday night, filling the pews for a candlelight vigil and prayer service in her memory.

The service was led by Father Clifford Auth. Special stories about Ava were shared during the service. The 14-year-old being remembered for so many things, those who knew Ava described her as loving, caring, athletic, energetic and funny.

One girl remembering the first time she met Ava:

“The first time I ever met Ava we just clicked on a different level,” said Ava’s friend.

Ava’s former coach describing Ava as funny and always looked forward to seeing her smiling face. When Father Cliff asked the former coach what made Ava spectacular, she responded “Everybody is welcome in her circle.”

One of Ava’s teammates remembers how empathetic Ava was, even at practice.

“I was having a really, really bad day and I wasn’t playing good and I remember Ava sat me down and told me I needed to forget about everything and I was playing amazing and how much she loved me,” said one of Ava’s teammates.

Father Cliff says he didn’t know the Wood family personally and had never met Ava. He says after learning about the tragic news on Friday, Father Cliff and the pastoral team decided to open St. Augustine’s Church and St. Mary’s Of The Assumption Church in Baldwinsville, that’s where he would meet Ava’s mother.

“It was just one of those things, it was beyond coincidence it was providential and we went up to where the tabernacle is at St. Mary’s Sanctuary and we all prayed and its a powerful experience when the only thing that we know to do is to be present to one another, to be kind and to pray,” said Father Cliff.

Father Cliff added, “Its important for us to remember that all those people that we love in this world that God will love into the next which includes Ava.”

Countless memories of Ava Wood that will live on forever.