KIRKVILLE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — It’s almost time to load up! Regular Deer Hunting Season opens this Saturday, November 19 in New York’s Southern Zone.

It’s the busiest time of year for meat processors, including Marsh Mill Ranch in Kirkville. Edward Tanguay, manager at Marsh Mill Ranch, told NewsChannel 9 that they’re prepared and ready for another busy deer season. So, there’s no need to say oh deer!

“We’ve got all of our supplies in, our spices, and people are ready. We’ve done 180 deer so far this year,” says Tanguay. “We’re over last year’s totals by about 20 right now. So it seems to be starting off really well.”

While Regular Deer Season hasn’t started just yet, it’s still Bowhunting Season. However, that will all change come Saturday and hunters are ready!

“Just dropping off a deer to have it processed. I shot a doe this morning. So brought it in. I’ve been bringing deer in here for quite a few years to be processed,” says John Richer, a hunter from Cazenovia.

Richer, now a regular customer at Marsh Mill Ranch has been hunting during New York’s Bowhunting Season and is ready for the regular season to kick off. Marsh Mill Ranch and other meat processors are ready for the season too, gearing up their butchers.

“We’re ready, we’re up and ready again. This is our 19th year doing this, so,” says Tanguay.

Marsh Mill Ranch says they get anywhere from five to 25 deer a day, and getting your venison processed is pretty easy. Hunters can drop their deer off at Marsh Mill Ranch, let the butcher know what cut they’d like and Marsh Mill Ranch will call you when it’s ready to be picked up.

Tanguay is reminding hunters to field dress their deer before they drop them off.

“When we get full and we can’t take anymore we will be done for the day. We will be putting a sign-out. Once we’re full we can’t take more until the next day,” says Tanguay.

Once you pick up your venison, make sure to freeze it and bring it out as needed.

Regular Deer Season in New York’s Southern Zone starts Saturday, November 19, and runs through December 11.