The Department of Environmental Conservation is reminding locals that conditions for wildfires are heightened and they have put a residential brush burning ban into place until Monday, May 14.

The ban is in effect for all of New York State.

The start of spring weather and potential for dry conditions has increased the risk for wildfires.

The DEC says putting a ban in place this time of year has proven effective. 

“While many people associate wildfires with the western United States, the start of spring weather and the potential for dry conditions increases the risk for wildfires in New York,” DEC Commissioner Basil Seggos said. “New York prohibits residential burning during the high-risk fire season to reduce wildfires and protect people, property, and natural resources. The ban has been extremely effective in reducing the number of wildfires, and we’re encouraging New Yorkers to put safety first.”

Open burning of debris is the largest single cause of spring wildfires in New York State. 

Despite the ban, Onondaga County dispatchers have received four calls for an outdoor/brush fire on Monday alone. 

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