PULASKI, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Fall is here, and as the leaves begin to turn it’s a sign winter is on the way, but for fishermen in Central New York, it is their favorite time of year.

Every fall for the past three years Jack Lo Picollo and his friends Michael Booth and Simon Bochenski drive to Pulaski all the way from New Jersey just to fish on Salmon River.

“It’s kind of the only therapy I really need,” Lo Picollo said. “Everything about it is just therapeutic, it’s better than being inside all day.”

The river gets its name for a reason, it’s a bounty of various types of salmon making it one of the most heavily fished tributaries on Lake Ontario.

“It’s just kind of like calming and relaxing,” Bochenski said. “Just go out and not really focus on anything else but fishing.”

“The scenery everything like that,” Booth continued. “The thrill of hooking a fish too, really there’s nothing like it.”