Smoke alarm being recalled because of activation problems

UNITED STATES (WSYR-TV) — Universal Security Instruments is recalling nearly 180,000 smoke alarms because of activation problems.

The smoke alarms have a misaligned internal switch which is causing the alarms to not activate properly. That can put consumers at risk of being alerted to a fire.

Consumers are told to test their smoke alarms by pressing the test button. It the alarm sounds, it is operating as it should and no further action needs to be taken. If an alarm doesn’t sound during the test, the consumer should contact Universal Security on their website or call 877-612-6955 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. ET Monday through Friday for a replacement.

The products being recalled are the MI3050S and MI3050SB10-year battery operated ionization smoke and fire alarms. The date codes are 2015JAN19 through 2016JUL11.

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