(WSYR-TV) — For those interested in making craft brews, which is a $5 billion business in New York, the state is making it easier to get your product to the market. 

Governor Kathy Hochul Monday announced that the State Liquor Authority is accepting applications for new permits to allow craft beverage manufacturing businesses the ability to sell beverages while their liquor license is pending. In the past, applications took on average six months to pass, according to the state. Now, that wait will be cut down to less than 30 days.  

“New York’s craft beverage industry is not only a source of local pride, but also creates jobs and drives tourism in every corner of the state,” Governor Hochul said. “These fast-tracked permits will allow new businesses to hit the ground running by opening quickly and making immediate contributions to their local economies. This is another step in furthering our administration’s efforts to cut red tape, ease regulations, and make commonsense reforms to help these businesses grow and thrive.” 

Back in December, Gov. Hochul signed legislation that allowed manufacturers the ability to open while waiting final approval. The state says there are currently 81 applications pending. 

These permits allow businesses to manufacture and sell alcoholic beverages for a period of six months, or until the full application is approved, for a fee of just $125. The new permits may be extended for a three-month period for an additional $50 fee if necessary. 

“The New York State craft brewing industry continues to grow, even through COVID. With wait times lasting up to six months, many brewery owners were paying rent on buildings they couldn’t open, making monthly payments on new brewing equipment they couldn’t use, and not making any money to pay themselves or their employees while they were waiting for their permits. This temporary permit will allow breweries who are currently waiting on their permits to open sooner, and for those considering opening their own brewery, an avenue to open quicker,” Paul Leone, the President of the New York State Brewers Association said. 

The application for craft manufacturers to apply for the new temporary operating permits are available here