The number of pollution-fed toxic algae blooms is climbing in New York, according to the Department of Environmental Conservation.

The DEC says as of June 11, 19 bodies of water in Central New York have harmful algae blooms (HABs).

Only a select few Central New York bodies of water have the harmful algae blooms. Those water bodies include Craine Lake in Madison County, Honeoye Lake in Ontario County and Plymouth Reservoir in Chenango County.

Craine Lake and Honeoye Lake have small localized impacts, with one to several neighboring properties impacted.

HABs in the Plymouth Reservoir are widespread and lake-wide.

The list of the 19 bodies of water does not include areas with non-harmful algae blooms. 

Drinking water contaminated by the blooms can make people sick. The toxin can kill dogs that lick it off their coats.

The algae, actually a type of bacteria, feeds on nitrogen and phosphorus washed in from farms, yards and leaking septic systems.

The state is working on algae-reduction plans for a dozen lakes. They include Skaneateles Lake, which provides drinking water for Syracuse and neighboring areas.

The algae-fighting plans were scheduled for release last month. No new date has been given.

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