ALBANY, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — On Thursday, Gov. Andrew Cuomo unveiled some new guidelines for colleges and universities in New York State as they open campuses for in-person learning.

“We’ve seen troubling reports of students congregating on college campuses, so we are setting a threshold,” Cuomo said“We should anticipate clusters and that’s what we’re seeing. Be prepared for it, get ahead of it.” 

Cuomo says if a college or university in New York State get 100 positive cases of COVID-19 or the number of positive cases is 5% or more of the college population, whichever is less, the school must go to remote learning and limit on-campus activity for two weeks. Positive cases will include students, faculty, and staff.

Students who live on campus will be allowed to stay on campus if their college or university hits the threshold to convert to remote learning. During the 2-week period, athletic activities and other extracurricular activities will need to be suspended and dining hall options must move to take-out only.

After two weeks, the local health department will decide if the college or university has contained the number of cases and can resume in-person learning. If the local health department decides the college or university cannot contain the virus, it could impose other mitigation measures in consultation with the State Department of Health.