SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — New Yorkers will be glad to hear that your winter heating bill is expected to cost less this year according to supply market forecasts.

National Grid says residential natural gas heating bills are expected to decrease by more than 18% for the 2023-24 winter heating season.

“The forecasted year-over-year decrease is attributed to increased domestic natural gas production and supply, and lower demand on the international market,” stated National Grid.

Although winter heating bills are expected to be lower for this coming winter, National Grid recognized that some customers may still struggle to make ends meet, so they came up with a solution.

The company has announced it’s continuing its Customer Savings Initiative for the second year into the upcoming winter heating season. The initiative connects customers with resources to reduce energy usage and save money, better manage bills, and secure available energy assistance.

“National Grid’s resources include numerous payment programs for income-eligible customers, extensive residential and business energy efficiency programs and incentives, low-cost and no-cost bill management solutions, and flexible payment programs,” stated National Grid.

This year, an additional $6 Million contributed by the company’s shareholders, will establish the first New York energy company relief programs to provide emergency heating and food assistance to low- to moderate-income customers who do not qualify for federally funded affordability programs.

“While reduced heating costs is certainly welcome news for our customers, we recognize that energy prices can still add to the financial burden for those who are struggling with higher costs at the grocery store, gas pump, and elsewhere,” said Melanie Littlejohn, National Grid’s New York Vice President for Customer and Community Engagement. “Our commitment is to support our customers by helping them stay warm and safe this winter. National Grid has many assistance programs available, as well as energy-saving strategies, resources, and tips. We are encouraging our customers to take action now before the cold weather arrives.”

For more information, visit National Grid’s website.