SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — A joint effort in a budding industry has a local university branching out.

In March, NewsChannel 9 told you about Syracuse University offering cannabis education programs to the general public through a partnership with Greenflower. The university is now offering credited courses to its students.

Syracuse University is keeping up with one of the fastest-growing industries, by offering cannabis classes to its students.

“It seems to be very popular with business students who obviously recognize the value of cannabis and the market here in New York, and it is a pretty fast-growing, emerging market,” said Jim Gaffey, Executive Director of Administration & Strategy at Syracuse University.

The university offers six online courses. Students can either choose it as a minor, or earn college credit.

The six courses include:

  • Cannabis Business Operations
  • Cannabis Startups
  • Cannabis Law
  • Policy and Social Justice
  • Cannabis Science and Health
  • Cannabis Cultivation
  • Cannabis Manufacturing
  • Processing & Distribution

Students who want to earn just a certificate credit, can take any course. Students interested in having this as their minor, must take all six courses.

“They really span the full industry, so depending on what their interest is, if they want to focus a little bit more on how to sell cannabis related products, regulations that currently exist with a lot of search engines and Facebook and other social media, because it is still illegal at the federal level, that’s something they would learn in the business class,” said Gaffey.

If you aren’t a student at Syracuse University, you can still take online cannabis education programs through the universities partnership with Greenflower, a cannabis training provider.

“These programs are really design to build the workforce and so whether people want to participate in the business side, the cultivation side, the medical side, or the compliance side these are the programs that help you go from not knowing much or maybe being a consumer to somebody that’s a real credible professional,” said Max Simon, CEO of Greenflower.

The university is offering four cannabis programs through its partnership.

The courses include:

  • Business of Cannabis
  • Cannabis Health and Medicine
  • Cannabis Agriculture and Horticulture
  • The newly launched program, Cannabis Compliance and Risk Management

Anyone 21 and older can enroll. Instead of earning credit, you will earn a certificate of competition from Syracuse University.

If you are a student at Syracuse University and interested in taking a course in cannabis or a cannabis studies minor, click here.

If you aren’t a student at Syracuse University, but interested in taking a cannabis course through its Greenflower partnership, click here.