SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — One out of every five homes in the City of Syracuse will be given new trash bins early this summer, after the Common Council approved an amended version of the Mayor’s plan to automate some sanitation services.

The plan, approved unanimously, initiates the purchase of the first 6,800 96-gallon carts and DPW trucks to lift them to begin the transition in June.

“Phase 1” of the plan covers about 20 percent of the city, with the transition citywide expected by the end of the year.

Phase 1 Streets (click for larger, interactive view)

The concept of standard trash bins lifted by a robotic arm isn’t new. The technology is used in other towns, villages and by private haulers who services businesses in the city.

 “Injuries, comp cases will go down,” says Syracuse DPW Commissioner Jeremy Robinson. “This is a huge win for the DPW and City of Syracuse.”

The plan enacted was an evolved version of the plan introduced by Mayor Ben Walsh months ago.

The city tried to remove trash services from apartments with between four and 10 units, but the common council approved a plan that keeps city trash services for apartments with up to 10 units.