SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — It’s the gold medal for three students from the Syracuse Academy of Science Charter School at the GENIUS Olympiad hosted by SUNY Oswego.

The competition attracts teams from around the world for five different disciplines.

The “New Wave” team from SAS was competing in the robotics category, along with 35 international teams.

For this year’s competition, the mission had two parts: autonomous and driven.

The first mission of the game, autonomous. The robot is responsible to pick the injured person figure from the accident zone and transport him into the hospital (blue bin). The time given for this task is 30 seconds.

The second mission task is the driven mode.

Right after the time given for the first mission task, the second mission starts. In this task, the robot will achieve “fire extinguishing and rescue tasks”.

Click here to learn more about the competition, the mission and scoring.

Team member Ben Cameron says, “We’ve worked very hard to come to this point, it’s been months of building and redoing and improving and designing.”

The team also spent hours practicing on their home field.

This was the third year for each of the members of team New Wave at the GENIUS Olympiad.

Umesh Dahal tells NewsChannel 9, “We did know that there are a lot of talented teams there so we did have to definitely be careful.”

“It’s a really fast-paced competition so once you get there, it’s just go, go, go, go. You gotta be ready to get in there and immediately do what you’ve been practicing,” team member Joe Capra adds.

Cameron explains, “There are only a certain amount of wooden people out there and it’s the same collection zone so you have to be fast but really you’re just trying to get the best score possible.”

“We knew we were very proud of our performance and we put a lot of time into, so we were expecting to do good,” Dahal says.

New Wave did better than good, after already collecting a bronze and silver the past two years.

This year the team earned the gold medal in the robotics competition.

“That’s like confirmation of everything and it’s super satisfying to hear your name called for the award,” Capra says.

Dahal says, “It was a very exciting moment and we could not have been happier.”

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